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Hello, and welcome to my 6 week transformation. This page has all the details about the plan, and will help you work out if it is right for you.

Just a quick bit of information about me to start with: I have been a personal trainer since 2008, working in multiple gyms and helping hundreds of people over the years. There are two parts to a fitness journey, the bit you do that works up a sweat (unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, thats the easy bit) and the bit you do in the kitchen. I have always found people are keen and can get into and enjoy a workout plan. However, not everyone takes to a 'diet plan' in the same way. 

They feel a 'diet' is restrictive. Firstly, the word diet just means all of the food and liquids you are consuming. So dont feel like you are signing on to one - you already have one! We all do! Secondly, I believe it is the food and liquid you consume that determines around 80% of the results you will see in your fitness journey. Not only will the calorie intake affect the body in obvious ways (weight gain/loss) but it will also be the nutrients that you are eating that literally become your body. Good quality nutrition, good quality body (muscles, bones, brain!) and in the same way, when you eat bad quality nutrition, it is that nutrition that becomes a part of your body. 

Enter the 6 Week Transformation! 











During this 6 weeks, we create healthy eating habits. That is all. By the end of the transformation you will have a place for 'nights out with the girls' or 'football with the boys' but it will not destroy your progress or hold you back from your goals. 

I believe in teaching people how to be healthy, the weightloss that comes with it is merely a benefit of eating in the way you were designed to eat. 

I have had people lose over two stone in the 6 weeks, and they have found they not only look better, but feel better too! 

The key thing about this transformation, is that once you finish it, you WILL NOT just put the weight straight back on (unless you go back to eating junk food every day...but if you were feeling and looking better...why would you?)

There are some requirements for the 6 week transformation. And these are non negotiable. So, before we go any further, can you give up:





For 6 weeks? (when I say give up caffeine, you are allowed one black coffee in the morning, but no more) 

Once you get to the end of the transformation these can all be bought back in, but for the 6 weeks it is very important you follow the guidance and refrain from them.

If you can do that, 



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