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The 6 Week Transformation is a program that I have developed over years of trial and error, manipulation and tweaking. 

It is a plan that I have completed myself (with the progress photos above being my own results) and it is a program that works! 

This plan will get you the fastest results possible and leave you in a completely healthy position, feeling fantastic. It is a great way to get back on a healthy track if you have slipped into bad habits, or to jumpstart your weightloss if you have decided you want to lose some bodyfat. It does require 6 weeks of strict adherance to the plan and its structure. Once you have completed it, having laid the foundations, as long as you follow the guidelines there is a freedom that you will find allows you a balanced life with the ability to maintain the body you want. Unlike other diets that restrict you from eating a macronutrient group, making long term sustainability highly unlikely - long-term the LBPT 6WT does not stop you from eating (or drinking) anything.


You need this plan if you want:

  • Fast, healthy results

  • To feel fitter and have more energy

  • To understand the fundamentals of having a healthy diet

  • To receive the guidance and information to put you on course for long term health


The program costs £180. Thats £30 per week, less than £4.50 per day, which means swapping out your Costa coffee could be all it takes to make the change that offers you a lifetime of weight management like you have never known before. 


I have developed this program over years of research and implementation on myself and clients. The largest weightloss achieved so far over the 6 weeks is 3 stone, but that is not a number I can guarantee anyone else would achieve. That client was extremely motivated and worked his ass off to get that result.

What I can do, is give you every tool I can to maximise your results in this short period of time, and set you up for a future of successes.


For any questions or to sign up to the 6 Week Transformation, contact me at:


6 Week Transformation



“...after speaking about the plan in depth with Luke, I knew that I would lose weight during the six week period, and I did, almost 3 stone! What I doubted, was the sustainability of the plan...
4 months after finishing the 6 weeks and sticking to the guidelines, I have dropped a further 3 pounds. In that time, I have been on holiday twice, eaten out at various restaurants and had numerous take-away meals. Trust me, this works!”


Ajay Pathak

“Ok so I took the 6 week challenge and my start weight was 86KG, I was told it was going to be tough by someone who had done this. Well all I can say is that I’m glad I did and the support from Luke was amazing, he was always there to listen to my moaning and that I can’t carry on and want to give up but he said would get easier and the energy levels will come back. And sure they did, at the start of week three I’m on my bike for the first time in months climbing Highgate West Hill and Swains Lane with a diet of very little carbs. Now the challenge is over and I’ve dropped nearly 9KG’s I feel a lot healthier and wearing clothes that have been crying out to be worn for years. I’m also able to get on the treadmill without having paramedics close by. If anyone out there is considering this I do highly recommend this as it has changed my look and also helped me sleep a lot better and to have a friend say I look 10 years younger makes it worth while. Now is to keep it off and with the help of LUKE I’m sure this can happen. Luke again thank you for making me do this to the end.”

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