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New Years Resolutions

Luke Barden January 2013


It's the start of a new year again! Everyone eats and drinks a bit too much over the Christmas and New Years Eve, and the plan to "lose the weight in the new year" or as a "new years resolution" is a very popular one!

Don't let yourself get caught up in the short lived, fast to start and just as fast to finish trend! Set yourself a real goal, with real aims and timescales! 

SMART goals is a great way to begin. Small - Measurable - Achievable - Relentless - Targets

Make sure you get yourself to where you want to be this year!

Physically (the way your body looks, feels and performs) and in regards to your health and mentality. A balance of all three will leave you feeling fantastic!


Keep the Positive Start Going
Luke Barden, February 2013

After starting the year well, making SMART goals and sticking to them, results should start becoming visible now. However, don’t let this allow you to become complacent!

If you missed the New Years buzz, theres nothing stopping you from beginning a routine now! Don’t be put off because others have a head start on you. You don’t have to be great when you start, but you do have to start to be great!

Read more to pick up some nutrition and cardio information, and to further your training knowledge.

Identify Your Weaknesses

Luke Barden, March 2013


"You are only as strong as your weakest link"

This month, look at how far you have come so far through this year, and where you want to be. 

Then, look at what parts of your goals are falling behind, or being forgotten in the light of the other more successful parts. 

Diet Plan 101

Luke Barden, April 2013


This month, we will take a look at the term 'diet' and what it actually means.


There is also a very simple and easy to follow suggestion for a way to lose weight without counting calories!

What Motivates You?

Luke Barden, May 2013


Chris Shugart has written an article for that I think is important to getting and keeping the results you want.


If you learn what motivates you, you can learn how to use it to get to best out of yourself!

Exercise Choice - Pt 1

Luke Barden, June 2013


A look at the exercise choices available when you join the gym and which are best for you. In this article, we look at Classes and Cardio.

Exercise Choice - Pt 2

Luke Barden, July 2013


A look at the exercise choices available when you join the gym and which are best for you. In this article, we look at Weights.

Mix it up!

Luke Barden, August 2013


Its almost the end of the summer, and after 8 months of training through the year, lets try something new!

Mix it up! Continued

Luke Barden, September 2013


Following feedback from the last article asking for examples of ways to mix up training, this month we will look at 5 ways you can shock the body in your weights routine, which should leave you feeling it again.


Luke Barden, October 2013


A whole new way to look at the way you exercise to burn fat.

The Difference Between Working Out, and Training

Luke Barden, November 2013


After looking at conditioning last month, a general look at the way people carry out their exercise when they are in the gym, and how that affects their results.

New Year is Here!!

Luke Barden, December 2013


Merry Christmas!!!


A look at preparing for next year, to make sure you really get the most out of it!

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