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Online Coaching is Here!

Personal Training in a gym is fantastic. But it has its limitations. It may not fit your schedule, or you may find that it is more financially suitable for you for a cheaper option. We as coaches are also limited to the people we can help.

Online coaching allows me to deliver tailored plans to you that can be done in your own time. You record your progress while you do it and I receive your stats to further your progress and help you reach your goals. 

I have used this with clients from the UK to Australia. The internet has changed just about every industry in the world, and the Fitness industry is no different. Online coaching removes a number of barriers that prevent people from enjoying in person Personal Training. It is the future of fitness, and now you can be a part of it! 

The Personal Touch

Personal Training, is personal. There is no 'One mould fits all' approach.


Yes there are the two basics:


  • Eat Healthily

  • Exercise Regularly


But to do that successfully for you, can be totally different to someone else. That why I think it is important to really understand someones life and lifestyle when you give them advice on their eating and training. The goal may be to lose a bit of weight, or build a bit of muscle, but that has to fit in to a bigger picture. 

When you get those results, you want to have the energy to enjoy them dont you? And you dont want to be ill all the time to maintain them? These are the reason learning to eat right for you, and train right for you are so vital. Ultimately, you are doing this for your health! 


When it comes to Health and Fitness, there is no 'quick fix'. People may have discovered 'band aid' methods, that give you what you want quickly, but they will not last. If you persevere with the right program for you, the results wont just come, they will last as long as you want them to! 

The Benefits of Online Coaching

There are a number of reasons online coaching is becoming hugely popular, and some people are finding it far better than the traditional trainer/client model:


Less Expensive

Traditional in person coaching can cost hundreds of pounds for two or three hours a week of workouts. Online programs will cost a fraction of that, for the same trainers knowledge. 


Works to Your Schedule

Although Personal Trainers will almost always try to accomodate a time that suits their clients, when they already have bookings it can mean you have to be there at a time that is not preferential to your schedule. We have less free time than ever before, and sometimes this can really put your day out. With online coaching, you can train at the time that suits you best! And there are never any rescheduling problems, as you can just do it a bit later in the day if you need to. 


It is totally Flexible

Do you travel alot for work? Use multiple gyms when you want to? Maybe you train at home on occasion too? The programs perscribed to you will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide. No matter where you are at whatever time, you can do your session. How great is that? You never have to worry about slipping off the routine.


You pick the coach you want, not the coach that is convenient

Have you ever had to pick from the Personal Trainers in the local gym you are a member at, and felt you were picking the best of a bad bunch? Online training allows you to select a coach you have confidence in! Someone who you really want to work with, and will get you the results you want! 


With all these benefits, its not hard to see why people are starting to use online coaching more and more!

Is Online Coaching Right for You?

Online Coaching really is a fantastic resourse, and a great new feature available in the fitness industry. But it isnt right for everyone. You may not be suited to online coaching if:



  • You need a trainer there with you to really push you to work hard


  • You dont have continuous motivation and will struggle to commit without booked in sessions with a trainer


  • You want a quick fix 


  • You wont take it seriously, even with the program laid out in front of you


  • But if you are committed, and ready to start your online coaching journey with me today, APPLY NOW!

How will it work?



LBPT has teamed up with Trainerize, the best online coaching software available. This ensures I can give you the very best online coaching experience possible! 


Personalised Programs to an app on your phone/tablet. This allows you to take it into the gym with you, where you can see exactly what exercises you have been set, what weights or settings to use and in which order to do them. While you workout you fill out the weight you use and the amount of reps you do in each set, which is sent back once you finish the workout for analysis to work out the best possible progression paths.


Once you decide the most suitable days for you to train, they are put into your calendar in trainerize. You will be reminded of workout days to promt you to do your sessions to help commitment with a busy lifestyle. 





























Within your Trainerize app there are descriptions and videos of each exercise given to you. These videos can be added at any point, so can be made totally specific to you for any particular exercises or needs you may have.






















Trainerize allows the statistics you fill out in each workout to be tracked, which means analysis of progress can be done to see where weaknesses were and how they have been strengthened. This can also be motivating in keeping committed to the long term goals we will set when we start our journey together. 

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