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Welcome to LBPT

Firstly, thank you for noticing my advert and visiting my website. 

I have a feeling, if you are here it is because you want to achieve something. Better fitness? Better health? More confidence?

With over 15 years now, which probably makes me one of the most experienced PT's in Hertfordshire, I will have the expertise and network to help you achieve your goals. 

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Classes will be run in 6 or 8 week packages. There will be either two or three classes a week, and you will be in the same group during your sessions. 

Each group will have a maximum of 6 people in it, so there will never be too many people for you to get the attention you need.

Sunrise Squad

For the early rises who want to get their sessions in before work!

6.00am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Bardens Bootcamp 

After work evening sessions for those who want to hit it hard.

6.30pm Tuesday and Thursday 

Sunset Squad 

For those needing a slightly later evening session.

7.45pm Tuesday and Thursday


Personal Training

PT sessions can be purchased in either a 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 packages. 

Clients will have either two or three sessions per week in regular slots to help build habits and balance the time between sessions throughout the week. 

Three sessions per week will be Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Two sessions per week will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Packages are 4 weeks long, at which point we will discuss if you need any further coaching or if you are ready to take the lead in your training with the knowledge and skills you will have gained. 

I always remain available to help clients and past clients answering any questions they may have. If a fresh program is required for any reason, clients have the options to work with me again: some want to come back for four more weeks in person, others choose to utilise my online coaching platform. 



Working with Luke the past few months has been brilliant. He is professional, knowledgeable and inspiring - He has actually got me looking forward to a workout, something I never thought possible! I was worried about feeling embarrassed for not having exercised in ages, but Luke put me at ease immediately, making me want to work hard for myself.


I've been a client of Lukes for the last 2 years and couldn't recommend him and his gym enough! From someone that was incredibly intimidated of a gym and lifting weights, I now love working out and the atmosphere and welcoming you get is second to none! Luke is a brilliant and puts you right at ease. The equipment in the gym is as good if not better than what you would find at any commercial gym.


Awesome gym run by a great trainer! Perfect set up for personal training with all the equipment you could need. Luke is attentive, knowledgeable and passionate which makes every session fun and enjoyable!


The Gym

Here are the facilities you will be using: 

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