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Welcome to LBPT

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Firstly, thank you for noticing my advert and visiting my website. 

I have a feeling, if you are here it is because you want to achieve something. Better fitness? Better health? More confidence?

With over 15 years now, which probably makes me one of the most experienced PT's in Hertfordshire, I will have the expertise and network to help you achieve your goals. 

Classes allow you to be a part of a team all working towards a common goal. Social, motivating and fun, my classes are kept to a maximum of 6 people, and run for 6 or 8 week packages. You will be in the same group from start to finish, enjoying the journey together!

Sunrise Squad

Mon, Wed, Fri - 6.00am

For the early rises who want to get their sessions in before work!

Bardens Bootcamp

Tue, Thu - 6.30pm

After work evening sessions for those who want to hit it hard.

Sunset Squad

Tue, Thu - 7.45pm

For those needing a later evening session.

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There are 6 spaces per package, so it is like a group PT session. I am able to give everyone the attention they need to get the best possible results.

You will also be sent information and recipe books to aid with your fitness journey.


Upcoming Packages

January 2nd - 6 week package

Sunrise Squad - £270, Bardens Bootcamp - £180, Sunset Squad - £180

February 13th - 6 week package

Sunrise Squad - £270, Bardens Bootcamp - £180, Sunset Squad - £180

April 17th - 6 week package

Sunrise Squad - £270, Bardens Bootcamp - £180, Sunset Squad - £180

June 5th - 8 week package

Sunrise Squad - £360, Bardens Bootcamp - £240, Sunset Squad - £240

What do you get?

So you now know the when and the how much, here is the what you get from me:

  • Two pdf information books (Welcome Overview and Nutrition 101) before we start, to give you any information you could need to achieve your results

  • A Whatsapp chat with me and the other members of the group for any questions you may have

  • Classes programmed to get you the best possible results, suitable for any level

  • Weekly emails with quizzes, recipe books, information books and more to support your knowledge and journey

  • Access to LBPT social events


The Gym

The gym is fully air conditioned, heating and cooling, with an extensive range of equipment. Here are some pictures of the facilities you will be using: 

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