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Personal Training Testimonials

Sue Barrow:​

Luke has been my personal trainer for over 10 years.  I exercise 3 times every week for about an hour per session.  


Luke is excellent and really stretches you to succeed in whatever goals you have set for yourself.   He is a fairly hard taskmaster , he pushes you, which I think is great and his range of knowledge and his ability to adapt exercises to suit the client is good.  I have had two hip replacements (2012 and 2013) and  , thanks to Luke, I made a very speedy recovery.  I continued to exercise throughout my recovery period and now he will adapt exercises to take account of my operations.  He is realistic and will tell you if what you hope to achieve is possible.  We all want to look younger, slimmer and more toned but sometimes that isn’t always achievable at the level we desire..  He is engaging and funny and our workouts are fun.  I would unreservedly recommend him.  

Josh Chazalambo:

I'd been trying to put on lean muscle for about 2 years before joining the gym at which Luke was then working. I really couldn't seem to put on sufficient size and keep trim at the same time – something that was highly annoying after 2 years of working for it. I can honestly say that Luke not only showed me exactly how to do this – in a friendly, efficient and professional manner – but also gave me the information to keep setting and achieving goals for myself long after he was training me.

If I asked for a rough diet-plan for a few weeks, I'd get a detailed, but easy-to-follow routine for the next month. If I said I wanted to gain half a stone in 3 weeks, I'd gain it in a maximum of 2. In short, Luke helped me to not only achieve my goals, but better them.
Don't get me wrong, it was hard work – but then if you want results that's a necessity. But Luke always made the sessions fun and interesting – constantly changing exercises, and was also very motivational, good to just have a chat with and also understanding on the rare occasion that I felt I really could not push myself any further.
Since training with Luke I really feel that I have control over my body-goals. He helped me overcome the problems I had been having, but more importantly showed me how to effectively continue in the future and I would recommend him to anyone looking to achieve, and improve upon, their goals whilst meeting someone who will genuinely provide you with all the information you want, and an interesting and fun conversation to go with it!

Ted Birtwistle

In all my life I have never done gym work being under the impression it would be boringly monotonous but Luke persuaded me during the course of a round of golf that I should give it a go and was prepared to act as my personal trainer and that he would concentrate upon improving my strength and balance with a view to improving my golf. 


I have seen Luke for only two hours a week for six weeks but during that time I have not had time to be bored. Every session he gives me at least one new exercise to concentrate upon and now I have a comparatively large repertoire of exercises he can ask me to do which certainly helps make each session seem totally different and challenging, whilst Luke remains forever enthusiastic and supportive.  His regime is an interesting mix of lifting weights and physical exercises whilst also working upon improving my balance and I have been impressed as Luke originally promised, how my game has improved. I can certainly now hit the ball further and straighter. 


The other notable benefit that I have observed is that I have lost a stone in weight with hopefully more to go!



I had 11 sessions of personal training with Luke. I started off almost embarrassed by how little I 

knew about all the different machines in the gym. Luke developed my confidence and helped me 

explore all the different things gym offers. I managed to get back into fitness and lose weight. I could 

feel the difference in my body feeling fitter and healthier. I can say the highlights of my training were 

the boxing and kickboxing combined which Luke always fit in at the end of my sessions as he knew 

how much I enjoyed it. It was a fun way to do some cardio, develop co-ordination and strength. I 

also learnt the right way to incorporate weights into my workouts to aid my weight loss and increase 

of strength. Luke tailored all his skills and knowledge to fit around the fitness level I was at, and 

helped me build on it. I could not have asked for a better trainer who gave me all the 

encouragement and motivation I needed. Thanks Luke!


Sam Taylor

Luke and I got talking a number of years back when I asked for some advice whilst training for a couple of races.

His approach has always been consultative, friendly and knowledgeable. I've seen direct results from his circuits classes in my overall fitness and having been PT-ed by him for the last 6 weeks have seen my back pain disappear. Luke has enabled me to hit the gym with a simple and structured plan that is tailored to my needs and fits with a busy working life (12 hours a day).


He has also referred me to some excellent contacts that have helped me break PB's and train for my last marathon.


I would not have any hesitation in recommended Luke or his classes to anyone regardless of fitness level, age or end goal. He will enable you to achieve your results

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