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Corporate Wellness


Corporate Wellness is becoming a focal point in the modern working world. 


It is something that benefits the employee and the employer, as well as the economy as a whole. 


RAND Europe and Vitality this year published a ground-breaking, global study on the economic impact of physical

inactivity, illustrating the significant influence of regular exercise on economic growth, workforce productivity and life expectancy. 

It shows that if all adults aged 18-64 walked just 15 minutes more a day, the world economy would grow by an estimated $100bn a year until 2050.

Further findings show that if the physically inactive were to reach the World Health Organization’s recommended levels of exercise, employees would gain up to 5 additional days of productive time each year, and the global economy would grow by an estimated $220bn every year. Vitality estimates that life expectancy could increase by at least 2.5 years, on average, for a person aged 40 years in this scenario.


What does this mean for your company?


Sick days cost companies money, both in sick pay and in lost


But there is a worrying trend rising where employees do not want

to call in sick, so they go into work anyway. This has been called

'presenteeism' and it is estimated that it costs businesses around

29 days per year. Therefore, although sick days have reduced from

last year to this year, the amount of days where staff have come in

sick has risen, which is costing the company and the economy!


My corporate wellness talks cover a range of topics, from nutrition to exercise and lifestyle factors. The talks will open your staffs eyes to common misconceptions and incorrect information. 


The aim is to simplify, educate, and encourage your staff to be at their best health. Removing barriers that people have in their minds stopping them from starting healthy habits, and showing how easily small swaps could have a big difference. 


                                                                          Your staff are your companies biggest asset. The stresses of the                                                                              modern work environment can build up on staff and end up                                                                                  taking over their lives. The right nutrition can help improve both                                                                          their health and their performance, increased focus through the                                                                          day and the energy to keep going. Combine that with a fitness                                                                                routine and your staff will feel better than they ever have before,                                                                          and be able to put that to use for your business.

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