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Golf Performance Coaching


There are a lot of coaches out there who offer golf

conditioning coaching based on what they have read

in books. Not many can combine knowledge from

books with real applied experience. 


I am a category 1 golfer who has qualified for the UK

long drive championships with a drive of over 350

yards (using a standard Taylormade M2 driver with an

inch shortened off the shaft). I have also worked in the

golf industry, so I know how important the right

equipment can be, but to lower your scores (and handicap)

we need to work to build a well conditioned body to attack

the course in a way you never have before. 

The training I have done in the gym has specifically helped

me to develop power and in turn length for my golf game,

while improving accuracy and fitness to maintain the

performance for the duration of the round. 


Everyone who has ever been bitten by the golf bug wants to get better. Even those on tour constantly strive to improve their stats. Golf should be a game we can all enjoy, relaxing with friends or a much better environment for a business meeting than an office!


Golf has always been a game you improve by hiring a pro. Now that hasnt changed, getting instruction from a qualified professional is the best way to make sure your technique is correct. 


The tour pros have already seen how important fitness is in the game, with Tiger leading from the front, for years now acknowledging the importance of strength and fitness to the game, and now the rest are starting to follow. But why should it just be the pros focusing on this?


Through a golf swing you can achieve up to 90% of your peak muscle activity. Thats the equivilant of lifting a weight that you could only lift 4 times before total fatigue. Depending on your handicap you are going to hit a ball with this intensity 30-50 or even more times in a round. 


There are key elements to work on in the gym that will drastically improve your performance on the course. I can take you through these in a way that allows you to fully understand the context and the desired outcome. 

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